Presently – President Plane Talk Consulting

Busy since 2007 providing aviation advise relating to civil aviation  regulatory issues. Involved in training, maintenance (AOC/AMO) manual preparation, audits and inspections of quality assurance  systems and maintenance management systems. Providing general advise on approvals and management issues. 

Senior Advisor to the Regional Director General PNR – Transport Canada, 2005-2007

Senior projects such as the Civil Aviation reorganization and Transport Canada Comprehensive Review.

Regional Director, Civil Aviation, 1996-2005

Responsible for the Regulation of all Civil Aviation Activities in the Prairie and Northern Region of Transport Canada; including all Aerodromes, Air Navigation System, Air Operators, Maintenance and Manufacturing Organizations, Pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Schools, Aircraft Certification and Engineering, Enforcement and System Safety Operations.

Acting Regional Director General, Aviation – Western Region, 1996

  • Responsible for managing Aviation Programs in Western Canada
  • Directed activities of approximately 2000 staff
  • Participated in design of the new Transport Canada

Regional Director, Airworthiness – Western Region 1992-1995

Responsible for planning and managing Airworthiness Maintenance and Engineering Programs; directing activities at the Regional headquarters and District Offices.

Chief Maintenance and Manufacturing – Ottawa, 1980-1992

  • Major accomplishment was the management of the development of the new maintenance regulations and a new AME Licensing system for Canada
  • Played a major role in extending Canada’s Bilateral and Technical agreements with countries in Europe, Asia, and North America
  • Instrumental in introducing Audit and Inspection Program, including the Manual of Regulatory Audits and Associated Training
  • Instituted equity programs for females and visible minorities
  • Worked with the Canadian Aviation Industry on many advisory committees to develop the Airworthiness Manual and the new AME Licensing System
  • Chaired the National Advisory Committee to Transport Canada on AME Licensing and Training Organized and chaired numerous Maintenance Advisory Committees
  • Participated in the FAA Advisory Committee System
  • Supported the development of the Professional AME Associations

Superintendent – Avionics 1980-1982

Responsible for providing Avionics policy and guidance to the six Transport Canada Regions through Staff Instructions and Regional reviews

Superintendent Manufacturing, Repair and Overhaul – Ontario 1978-1980

Approval and surveillance of all manufacturing repair and overhaul facilities in the Ontario Region

Avionics Inspector 1975-1978

Responsible for the inspection of Avionics and Air Carrier Avionics, Audit and Inspection activities in the Ontario Region

Senior Vehicle Safety Systems Research Technician 1974-1975
Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Ontario

  • Electronics Projects Leader for designing and supervising the construction and use of electronic systems in vehicle system safety research
  • Involved in seat belt, fire and fuel tank safety, fuel economy, crash testing, highway surface and bridge testing, truck brake testing, school bus crashworthiness, and accident investigation  Trained as vehicle test driver and participated in high speed highway performance testing.

Avionics Technician – Air Canada, Toronto Base 1972-1974

Maintained Boeing 747, 727, Lockheed L-1011, McDonnell-Douglas DC-8-40, 63, and 73, DC-9-32, DC-9-50 and Viscount Aircraft

Avionics Technician and Mechanic – Wardair 1968-1972

  • Conducted defect rectification, modification and heavy maintenance checks, including D checks on Boeing 707-300, Boeing 727-200, Bristol 170 and DHC-3 Aircrafts
  • Worked on all airframe and power plant systems including working in the power plant, sheet metal and avionics shops
  • Helped design and install several large and complex system modifications
  • Worked on maintenance and servicing aircrafts at remote maintenance bases and participated in Northern operations

Royal Canadian Air Force 1963-1969

  • Maintained CF-104 and NATO Aircraft in Europe from 1964-1968.
  • 1968-1969 maintained CF-5 and T-33 Aircraft as a member of 434 Squadron CFR Cold Lake
  • Serviced many types of NATO Aircraft in Europe and Canada