Here are articles written by Roger Beebe.
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Aerospace Industry in Canada


Safety Management Systems: A Maintainer’s Perspective

The Workhorses of Aviation

Canada’s Aerospace Industry

Personnel Certification

Aviation in the North: A Maintainer’s Historical Perspective

The Education of Aircraft Maintenance Personnel

Technical Human Resource Solutions

Canadian Aviation – The First Hundred years

Innovation in Canadian Aviation Regulations

Personnel Certification

Wardair in Manitoba ­? An AMEs Viewpoint


DOM Director of Maintenance Magazine

Compliance Pitfalls

Day In The Life Of A Regulatory Inspector

Confronting The Regulator

History of Inspection and Auditing In Aviation

International Affairs

The Quiet Ones

Technician to Senior Executive

Dealing with Difficult Inspectors

Canadian Aviation – The First 106 Years

Are They Out to Get You?

Bring Youth to Aviation

DOM and Technician Professionalism

Making it Happen

Helicopters- Workhorse of Aviation

History of licensed AMEs in Canada  pre WW1

It Was Not All Work

Why Have Technician Certification

HR Aviation History